Your Guide to Reducing Construction Costs Through Your Commercial Contractor

Construction projects are unique, expensive, and usually need to be carried out within strict timeframes. The first thing we think before diving headlong into a big-budget project is usually: “How can I trim some fat from this bill?” In any construction project, controlling costs is a serious concern. According to a study published in the International Journal of Innovation, Management, and Technology, nine out of ten projects experience serious cost overrun. Hiring a professional commercial construction contractor is an investment, and the right one can help avoid some of the common pitfalls that lead to cost overrun and can even end up helping reduce costs.


Getting it Right From the Start

One of the biggest and most costly pitfalls in commercial construction is the cost of redirection in the attempt to make the finished project reflect original concepts. It isn’t enough to have ideas or drawings. You must have actual plans and exceptional communication with the entire team from beginning to end for cost-effective execution that avoids things like change-orders. 

Better Cost Estimation

One of the most important ways to save money through your commercial contractor is through better cost estimation at the beginning of the project. Cost estimating, or the process of arriving at the nearest approximation of expenditure of resources necessary to complete a project. While software used in cost estimation has significantly advanced over the years, because of the high number of variances on every project some estimations require the expertise and input of a professional individual. Naturally, a better estimation at the beginning of a project and milestones means less unexpected and costly expenditures.

Better Supply Costs

Another way to save money through your commercial contractor is leveraging better costs on supplies. Material costs are tough to pin down because prices rise sharply and unexpectedly due to market conditions. Many times, a commercial contractor has relationships with suppliers that will afford much better prices than could be realized otherwise because of the long-term benefits of working with that contractor.

Done on Time

Having an experienced commercial contractor helps ensure that the project is hitting scheduled milestones to get the project finished as projected. Projects not done on time have a resultant significant impact on all project parties and risk becoming a defaulted project. For example, If a project is not finished in a timely manner, it significantly increases costs. It also delays teams all down the line, such as design and consultation which increases their fees. One of the additional issues many do not consider regarding serious delay is the cost of reputation and the outward appearance of being “trapped” in a construction project for an excessively long time. 

Our Key Strengths

As a united, multi-disciplined service-focused company, we have a unique 360° perspective that gives us the ability to help you meet your construction needs with laser precision. We are driven by a commitment to service, dependability, and cost-effective solutions with strict adherence to industry best practices. If you are looking for a commercial contractor, Sierra Group’s Construction Division provides general contracting services to Commercial, Industrial, and Retail industries, along with a specialty in Bank and Credit Union Branch construction and operational remodels. 


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