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Commercial Video Surveillance

There are really just two types of surveillance system users:  

  1. Those who deploy cameras on a recorder and only view recordings when there’s an incident.  
  2. Those who deploy cameras for monitoring and awareness and leverage the system’s capabilities to alert them to intrusions or unwanted behaviors and gain business insights beyond pure security. 

The question is, which are you?

If you have ever had a security incident at your business, you know that having video surveillance is a must when the time comes to provide evidence to law enforcement. However, many video surveillance owners never use their system to its fullest capacity. How do you know which group you fall under? 

Ask yourself these things. 

Do You Use Video Surveillance to Deter Crime?

Perpetrators of crimes do not want to get caught. Prominently placed cameras help deter crimes like shoplifting, break-ins, vandalism, and fraud. 

Do You Leverage Your System’s Alerts?

Alerts provide immediate information about intrusion or other unwanted behaviors, so you can act on them in real-time. 

Do You Regularly Review Video Footage?

Business owners known to review footage regularly can reduce things like employee theft and identify where employees may need additional training. 

Do You Gain Business Insights? 

Deploying business analytics on your surveillance cameras can provide valuable business insights, such as customer habits and shopping patterns. Choosing the right cameras to use in your security system could simultaneously provide you with things like queue line management, people counting, and heat maps to show high-traffic areas.



Do You Use Your Commercial Video Surveillance to Improve Employee Safety?

Employees do not always know or follow best practices which can put them in danger. Actively viewing surveillance or setting up custom alerts can help identify areas of noncompliance. You can also use video surveillance to make outside areas, such as parking, safer after hours. 

Do You Use It to Enhance On-Site Security?

Proactive surveillance solutions can help provide active intelligence and support to onsite guards. Since it enhances visibility in dark or more remote areas, you can use video surveillance to enhance onsite guard safety. Proactive surveillance, combined with monitoring, can even replace guards in many use cases.

Do You Look for Marketable Clips?

Many businesses today have used video surveillance clips to promote their business. Employee acts of kindness, funny kids, or funny encounters have all been used in viral marketing campaigns. 

Are Your Surveillance Technologies Well-Suited and Up to Date? 

One common reason business owners do not leverage their system fully is that they have an outdated system that does not allow them to do so. Outdated cameras can perform poorly in low light conditions, decreasing employee safety, and often do not support the modern analytics platforms that might provide your business with additional features and capabilities. 

How to Use Your Video Surveillance to the Fullest

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, there is room for improvement in your system’s potential. Sierra Group specializes in helping businesses tailor and deploy active surveillance for enhanced security, business intelligence, business management, and more. Contact us to find out what more you could be doing to use your system most effectively. 

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