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Thank you in your interest in becoming a Sierra Group vendor. We are always excited to hear from potential new partners. We are currently accepting new vendors for the following Divisons:

  • Facility Service Repairs
  • All Commercial Construction Subcontractor Trades

Below are our basic requirements:


  • Be Licensed in your Trade
  • Meet our minimum General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance requirements
  • Have a neat and tidy appearence and adhere to common professional conduct
  • Complete and return our Vendor Aggreement in its entirety to
  • We are loyal to vendors who deliver high-quality for a fair value, deliver accurate bids on time, are dependable to honor their word and contract, and have excellent communication, discipline, and skills.

What if I don’t meet your insurance requirements? 

Submit what you do have and let us decide! Some projects are small and do not require all the insurance value listed.

How Can We Help You?

Terms and Conditions apply
How Can We Help You?