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Established in 1996, Sierra Group brings together three independently staffed and managed divisions providing unique facility-based trade services: Commercial Construction, Facilities Maintenance Services, and Electronic Security. We proudly serve commercial and industrial Fortune 1000 Companies, Banks and Credit Unions of all sizes, along with Municipal, and Federal institutions.

For over two decades, Sierra Group has been driven by a commitment to service, dependability and cost-effective solutions delivered by industry best practices. Our culture of integrity is self-evident and transparent in everything we do.

Our approach is simple: we work hard for the privilege of earning and securing your business with every new project and assignment awarded. Our credo is to advise and customize services based on your needs and best interest because each business is unique and doing the right thing is good for business.

The Sierra Group Difference

Commitment to Quality Customer Service
We pride ourselves on providing great customer service. To go beyond what is expected by being responsive, available, and flexible. The best way we can serve our partners is to do so on their terms, keep our commitments, and deliver on time.

Dedication to Integrity & Dependability
Our success has been built on retaining long-term partnerships. To ensure our customers are provided with best-in-class service, we adhere to our business philosophy of being dependable and operating with integrity. We earn our business through trust and believing in and practicing these values.

Emphasis on Good Project Management Practices
Quality workmanship goes without saying, after all, the consumer has the leverage of final approval. The fundamental measurement of a successful project is based on how it was managed. Was the project completed on time and within budget? Were promises kept and were the work crews professional? At Sierra Group skillful project management and supervision make the difference.

Sensitivity to Operational Environments
It is important to keep the impact of a job to a minimum for your customers and staff. We always take the necessary measures to maintain everyone’s comfort and safety. We proudly stand behind our Mission Statement as what defined Sierra Group back in 1996, on through to this day.

Sierra Group Mission Statement

Employees are our most valuable asset
We must never forget that our employees are a reflection of our company. We will maintain an ethical, friendly, fair and creative work environment that encourages diversity, new ideas, and rewards hard work.

Provide exemplary customer service and support
Good customer service and support is expected. We go beyond what is expected. Providing good customer service and support is fundamental to maintaining strong customer relationships.

Deliver commitments as promised
The ability to honor commitments is an indicator of one’s character. Fulfilling promises develops a reputation of reliability and establishes trust.

Comply with standards of decency and honesty
We will always act in good faith and never take advantage of our position or our customers’ trust. Acting in good faith is in everyone’s best interest and is the foundation of all our principles.

Operate our business ethically and responsibly
Operating ethically and responsibly will be rewarded with trust and loyalty from both employees and customers. It is the right thing to do and promotes a positive work environment.

Maintain our excellent reputation
Our future success is based on the degree of our current performance. Good references will open doors to new and continued relationships.

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