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With almost 3 decades of experience and a skilled team of general construction contractors, we’ve been providing efficient and solid solutions in Southern & Northern California. We are ready, willing, and equipped to take on projects of all types and sizes in the commercial, industrial, and retail sectors. We also boast a specialized Bank and Credit Union branch and an operational remodel division. If you need ADA upgrades, operational facility remodeling, bank tenant improvement (T.I.) contractors, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contractors, Collaborative Integrated Design contractors, At Risk general contractors, or a complete revamp of your commercial property, be it an office building, retail space, or warehouse, we’re the team you’re looking for.

Why we’re one the best commercial construction companies in Northern & Southern California

  • Decades of experience and accomplishments
  • Delivering cost-effective results
  • Partnered with thriving and reputable businesses
  • Providing top-grade workmanship
  • Customized services that adapt to your unique needs
  • Hands-on project management and supervision

All-encompassing approach to industrial construction

As full-service construction management contractors, we have the requisite know-how and options on the table to meet all your demands. Our experts can provide design-build assistance through our fast-track and collaborative design-build programs to completely streamline your project in Southern and Northern California. With a team of trained, experienced, and uniformed personnel, we are quality-driven industrial, retail, and commercial general contractors that deliver lasting and durable solutions. For instance, if you need Collaborative Integrated Design, Integrated Project Delivery (IDP), office tenant improvement (T.I.), or credit union tenant improvement (T.I.) contractor, we’re the company to call. From site feasibility analysis and conceptual budgets to negotiated contracts, our top-to-bottom approach will take care of all of your demands with one integrated package.

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Enduring quality and stability that you can rely on

Whether you’re a major Fortune 1000 public or private company or a small corporate entity, our Small & Special Projects Division has seen it all and handled everything, from minor modifications, structural repairs, restorations, and installations both big and small, to large scale projects in sensitive operational environments. As foremost industrial, commercial, and retail construction contractors in Northern and Southern California, we have established best practices that save valuable time, money, and eliminate emerging snags and unwanted eventualities. We love to build stable relationships based on trust, commitment, and outstanding results. Let us take the reins, sit back, and watch your project come to full fruition. Get in touch with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Major benefits of having a reliable, vigilant, and streetwise general contractor extend to greater safety compliance, on-time delivery, and adherence to specification standards. They are tasked with providing necessary labor power, services, materials, vehicles and machines, equipment and tools, and hiring specialized subcontractors in Southern or Northern California.

On the other hand, commercial construction contractors are responsible for designing, erecting, maintaining, and renovating structures and edifices that are used for commercial purposes. These spaces can vary in size, from small-scale and medium-sized to large-scale projects. They can include sports venues, medical facilities, and office buildings.

Whether you’re hiring a credit union construction specialist or bank construction specialist in Northern or Southern California, there are many factors that have to be taken into account. One of the most important considerations that may impact the overall cost of your project is the size of the bank or credit union branch in question. Another important factor is the type of edifice being built. The cost of local bank branches will differ greatly from head office space even if they are comparable in size.

Whether you’re looking for a bank tenant improvement (T.I.) contractor, a credit union tenant improvement (T.I.) contractor, or an office tenant improvement (T.I.) contractor in Southern or Northern California, look no further than Sierra Construction. We have the experience and technology to expand or reconfigure your business space with a focus on on-time delivery and efficient project performance.

All participants in all phases of construction, from the design phase and fabrication to post-construction, are involved in reducing waste, increasing productivity, avoiding time overruns, and improving the quality of the final product. If you choose our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contractors in Northern and Southern California, you can count on us to combine integrated practices and lean construction methods. This will enable our bank construction specialist and credit union construction specialist to facilitate communication, improve problem-solving, and optimize our performance in your best interest.

  • Reputation in the field
  • Relevant experience
  • Health and safety record
  • Schedule variance and on-time delivery
  • Workers comp, professional indemnity, and public liability insurance
  • The competence of their technicians and staff
  • Quality of equipment and tools
  • Communication skills
  • Client notification and support services

The unique characteristic of these trading facilities is that they are all high-footfall places and areas that depend on a high turnover of visiting customers.

Whether you’re a financial institution interested in constructing a bank from scratch or a building owner who needs tenant improvement, Sierra Group has the talent and prowess to deliver concrete results. Call us today!

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