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From first-class building prowess to the latest technological features and design trends, Sierra Group offers all the ingredients you need to add another location to your portfolio. As resourceful commercial contractors, a hands-on approach that leaves nothing to chance, and vigilant problem-solving capabilities that iron out any contingencies, we’ll keep a firm grip on budgeting and your bottom line.

Our approach to retail, commercial, and industrial construction in Riverside County gives special attention to on-site safety compliance at every level. Whether you’re planning on a new processing plant, credit union or bank branch, fulfillment center warehouse, office or retail tenant improvement (T.I.), we offer design ingenuity and management skills to make sure everything is wrapped up in time and done up to the highest industry standards.

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For almost 3 decades, we’ve been gaining recognition for the very high benchmark that characterizes every aspect of our industrial, commercial and retail construction. We are full-service commercial contractors in Riverside County that handle everything under one roof, from the design and planning phase to negotiated contracts that scale down legal, operational, and financial risks.

Our commercial construction company employs a team of skillful, experienced, and diligent technicians with a clean background and proven ability to keep maintaining our high standards. With a firm grip on the latest trends and tech developments in retail, commercial and industrial construction, our engineers and managers utilize a collaborative design-build approach that protects your investment from unforeseen obstacles and ensures the attractiveness, functionality, and efficiency of your future business space.

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  • Almost 30 years of continued excellence and success
  • Vetted, trained, bonded, insured & licensed technicians
  • Detail-oriented management & worksite supervision
  • Latest design trends & smart high-tech solutions
  • Partnership with leading materials manufacturers
  • Strict adherence to project site safety & building regulations
  • Resolute focus on on-time delivery & budget efficiency
  • Readiness to integrate your personal vision & unique preferences
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Pre-lease & purchase conceptual budgets

Operational facility remodeling

Experience in sensitive operational environments

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Unbelievable support and effort, we truly appreciate your personal commitment to overcome each obstacle for us.

Excellent and thank you for all your hard work. It was a difficult project from the start to the end.

Everything went great and your technicians are fast and professional.

Thanks so much for everything you do for us.

Warner Bros

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Bank of the West

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most notable examples of industrial facilities include manufacturing, distribution and shipping facilities.

To adequately calculate a budget for retail construction, a commercial contractor will:

  • Thoroughly study the needs of the client
  • Asses the specifics of the construction site
  • Calculate the costs of labor
  • Do a detailed material takeoff
  • Solicit pricing from trusted suppliers and vendors
  • Do an estimate of indirect costs and overheads

When choosing a commercial construction contractor, it’s crucial that you take your time and carefully deliberate on the following factors:

  • Relevant experience
  • Management know-how
  • Building expertise
  • Quality of equipment and tools
  • Adherence to timelines
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Licenses, insurance, certificates
  • Past projects
  • Client references

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect from partnering with local industrial or retail construction contractors:

  • Insider knowledge of local regulations and standards
  • Higher quality of performance
  • Seamless communication
  • Established relationships
  • Reduced overheads
  • Continued support
  • Improved access to local resources
  • Closer progress monitoring

Whether you want to build out a commercial office space in Murrieta or a trendy retail store in Moreno Valley, we possess the know-how and experience to complete your project to your expectations between fit and finish to time and budget. Reach out to us today.

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