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If you own a business or other structure that has been vandalized by graffiti, you understandably want it removed as quickly as possible. Leaving it can lead to loss of customers and revenue and increase the chance of continued vandalism. 

Here are the top reasons why swift graffiti removal is vital.

Graffiti Leads to More Grafitti

Once a facility is marked with graffiti, it immediately attracts more graffiti, whether from rival gangs or others looking for an open canvas. 

Graffiti Often Leads to Other Crimes

Tagging often conveys threats between rival gangs, so its presence can escalate issues between rivals, leading to other crimes such as violence, additional vandalism, and theft. 

It Impacts Your Business Image

The exterior of a building tells customers what to expect inside a business and impacts their view of products, services, customer service, and more. If the outside of the building is unkept, it negatively impacts all of their opinions regarding the business. 

It Can Cause Your Wall Covering System to Degrade

The paint on the exterior of the building is made to protect the structure from the elements. The chemicals in spray paint can mix with the existing paint and get into the subsurface to cause additional damage. The longer it is on the building, the more damage it causes.



Top Reasons to Consider Calling a Professional

As a business owner, you know that removing graffiti as quickly as possible is important. The first instinct may be to do it yourself or have an employee try to remove it, but your efforts may make things worse. It is best to hire a professional to get the job done right. 

Here’s why.

It Protects Your Walls

Removing spray paint from porous surfaces can be difficult and cause damage to the surface.  Using the wrong chemical or technique can degrade the surface or discolor the area. 

Professional Maintenance Services are Time Efficient

When you hire a professional, you are free to attend to running the business and do not take an employee away from their duties either. An experienced professional has the right experience and tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

You Save Money

Many people try to remove graffiti themselves and quickly find that it is not as easy as they thought and involves a lot more than a can of paint. Inexperience can lead to many costly mistakes when it comes to paint removal. A professional knows exactly what to do to remedy the situation in the most cost-effective way possible. 

Need Support? No Problem!

Sierra Group offers no-contract, compressive, flexible, and yet remarkably low costs / high ROI route maintenance programs that deliver exceptional value and efficiencies to help you better manage your daily facility maintenance demands.

Our commercial and industrial building maintenance programs include a full range of services at one low price per month, covering virtually any general handyman tasks you request, including monthly property building service visits by a uniformed Sierra Group Technician.

About Sierra Group

Sierra Group is a service-focused company specializing in Commercial Construction, Electronic Security, and Facility Services. Our highly skilled field technicians offer a wide range of services and are ready to help with projects of all scopes, or with our ongoing preventative maintenance programs. 

When failure is not an option, the most demanding organizations trust Sierra Group to get the job done right.

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