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As commercial video surveillance technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become more broadly accepted, we are seeing some significant advances that increase the effectiveness of the technology as well as increase its practical applications. In this article, we’d like to cover a few of our favorite technologies, their recent advances, and their applications.

Hanwha’s New AI Video Surveillance Cameras

Hanwha’s New X AI camera series featuring Wisenet should be a top contender for any commercial or industrial environment looking at options in video surveillance solutions.

The X-Core AI and X-Plus AI-series feature Hanwha’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and deep-learning technologies. The cameras offer industry-leading AI-based object detection for false alarm reduction analytics, AI-enhanced image quality, and edge-based business intelligence.

The cameras reduce false alarms with increased accuracy with AI based on object detection and classification. Wisenet P series AI cameras differentiates what it sees into broad categories such as ‘Person’, ‘Face’, ‘Vehicle’ and ‘license plate’. Delving deeper, Wisenet AI algorithms are quickly and accurately able to identify the different attributes of the objects within the camera’s field of view. For example, the camera sees a person and immediately detects the color of clothing. It is also intelligent enough to distinguish whether the person is wearing glasses or holding a bag. These attributes are then saved as metadata alongside the captured footage.

What We Love: 

  • Best Shot feature which minimizes bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Wisenet P series AI NVRs support AI search even when users have only non-AI cameras installed at sites
  • AI is on-board the camera 
  • License-free



Eagle Eye’s Cloud-based AI

In 2021, Eagle Eye Networks acquired the video surveillance AI company Uncanny Vision. Uncanny Vision’s deep learning algorithms enable recognition, identification, and prediction, improving business operations, customer service, and site safety. Uncanny Vision’s award-winning AI is used today in multiple applications, including: 

  • Smart parking
  • Retail analytics
  • Gate security
  • Toll automation
  • Smart cities
  • ATM monitoring
  • Worker safety
  • Perimeter security

What We Love

  •  AI has powerful cloud processing
  •  Can analyze any camera in the Eagle Eye VMS, regardless of its individual capabilities.

Briefcam server-side AI Search 

BriefCam’s unmatched detection and extraction accuracy dramatically improve post-event video surveillance investigation productivity by pinpointing people and objects of interest with speed and precision. In addition, by presenting objects that have appeared at different times within the video simultaneously, BriefCam enables the review of hours of video in minutes, dramatically increasing investigation productivity.

What We Love

  • Comes “baked-in” with a few VMSs, like Ocularis, or is available as an add-on to others


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