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As a facility maintenance provider in Southern California, we see many organizations neglect seasonal maintenance because we lack some of the harsher weather seen in many other areas of the country. However, you do not have to live in an area with weather extremes to have serious seasonal facility maintenance needs. 

Commercial properties need regular maintenance to keep the building and grounds clean and safe.  But organizations should also prioritize maintenance specific to the changing season to promote the longevity of the building environment.



Facility Maintenance Checklist of Top Tasks for Spring

Roof Care 

No matter how much or little rain we receive throughout the winter, it is important to assess the condition of the roof each spring. Check for leaks, spongy spots, standing water, mold, and debris. Checking the roof now will allow you to catch problems early and provide an optimal window of time for repairs to get done.

Clean the Gutters

Even in sunny California, the gutters have plenty of opportunities to collect leaves and other debris. Take the time to clean the gutters and make necessary repairs as the weather starts to warm. 

Check the Exterior of the Building

Winter weather can wear down the outside of a building, along with age itself. Check the exterior of your building for cracks. Pay close attention to the area around doors and windows and the foundation. Also look for chipped paint and masonry, gutters that may need repair, siding that is sagging, mold, or signs of termite damage.

Evaluate the Landscaping

Inspect lawns for bald spots so you can plant new seeds and give them a chance to grow. Also, inspect and test irrigation and sprinkler systems. If you have made changes in your landscaping, make sure to update your watering and irrigation schedule so that new plants receive the water and resources they need.

Evaluate the Parking Lot

Parking lots receive a lot of wear during the year and spring is a good time to check for things like cracks and potholes that need to be repaired. It is also a good time to consider pressure washing to remove the build-up of dirt and oil. 

Pressure Wash the Entry

It is vital to keep entryways as clean as possible because it helps preserve the inside of the building. Grime attached to the bottom of shoes works like sandpaper on the floors and carpeting, causing them to deteriorate much more quickly. 

Replace Entrance Matting Systems

Spring is also a great time to evaluate the condition of entrance matting systems. Some may just need a good cleaning, while others may have enough wear that they pose a hazard and need to be replaced. 

Perform Pest Control

Pests tend to cause fewer problems in winter but come back full force in spring. Inspect for signs of rodents, bugs, wasps, or other infestations. Check wooden buildings for termite damage. Treat the problems carefully. 

Restorative Cleaning of Carpets and Flooring

For most facilities, spring is also an ideal time to give carpets and flooring a bit of extra care. Restorative cleaning helps remove as much dirt as possible and may also involve a protective element. 

Test Fire, Security, and Emergency Systems

Test all smoke alarms and replace batteries or backups immediately. If you have fire extinguishers, make sure none are expired; replace if necessary. Consider a professional evaluation of your security and fire and life safety systems to ensure they are in optimal order. Finally, take inventory of your first aid kits. If needed, replace expired supplies. 

Maintain the HVAC System

Summer is not the time to find out that your A/C isn’t running properly. Take the time now to perform regular maintenance. 

  • Clean the hoses and the unit itself, clearing it of any dirt, sludge, grime, and other debris that built up during the winter months.
  • Check the thermostat, wires, connectors, and airflow of the unit. Make sure the operating efficiency is at 100%.
  • Check all air ducts, drain pans, motors, compressors – and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, repair the issue immediately.

Commercial Facility Maintenance Services in California

Professional facility management provides an agile and cost-efficient solution for single or multi-site facilities. With that in mind, we have developed a process that ensures the clarity of your goals from start to finish and a facility that equips you for lasting success.



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