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Every day, the maintenance manager faces the nearly impossible task of balancing available resources with the long list of demanding needs. Usually, despite the best efforts of staff, maintenance departments fall into the trap of taking care of tasks according to who or what is applying the most pressure, creating a never-ending cycle of fires. A well-developed facility maintenance plan can help avoid this and the many problems it creates.



Why is Having a Maintenance Plan so Important?

It is also not uncommon for facility managers to simply assign work based on when requests come in unless there’s a clear and present danger. While this may work in some organizations, it is definitely not the most optimal plan and chances are pretty good that it will eventually lead to complications.


Wasted Maintenance Hours

Without a proper facility maintenance plan, assigning the correct person to any specific task is impossible. This leads to senior technicians doing what jr technicians could do, and jr technicians being assigned jobs out of their range of capabilities. Both lead to a tremendous waste of hours.


Critical Tasks are Lost in the Shuffle

If staff is constantly tied up moving from one fire to the next, critical tasks get delayed and then lost in the shuffle.


Increased Costs

As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Without a plan costs increase significantly because assets will need to be replaced sooner when they could have been repaired. A decreased quality of assets means using them may be more difficult, take more time, or be more costly to operate overall.


Decreased Safety and Increased Risks

An additional and serious problem is increased risks. When tasks fall through the cracks or get delayed, potential risks increase significantly. This can lead to workplace injuries, accidents, and even cases of fraud.


Environmental Impact

Lack of a maintenance plan ultimately leads to serious degradation of the environment. Functional failures and aesthetics impact sales, employee morale, and reputation.


Need Support? No Problem!

Sierra Group offers no-contract, compressive, flexible, and yet remarkably low costs / high ROI route, maintenance programs that deliver extraordinary value and efficiencies to help you better manage your daily facility maintenance demands.

Our commercial and industrial building maintenance programs include a full range of services at one low price per month, covering virtually any general handyman tasks you request, including monthly property building service visits by a uniformed Sierra Group Technician.


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