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Today, hospitals in America are some of the most challenging of all security environments with constantly evolving threat landscapes and demanding regulatory requirements. Healthcare facilities of all sizes must be ready for anything that could disrupt their ability to provide care, jeopardize the safety of patients and staff, or damage the reputation of the health system. At the same time, they must remain in compliance, or risk audits by regulatory bodies. 

Like any other industry, healthcare organizations face many unique security threats and operational challenges. The right security partner will understand them and use the most appropriate and economical technologies to address them.



Common Security Issues in Healthcare

Reducing Violence and Disorderly Conduct

Because healthcare is often an open and emotionally charged environment, it is prone to violence and disorderly conduct. 


Accessibility challenges are a huge issue in healthcare, where facilities are often open for extended hours, are highly trafficked, but still require many areas be off-limits except to authorized personnel. 

Data Security

Many healthcare facilities are concerned with cybersecurity as a way to protect their data, which is certainly valid, however, the threat can just as often come from sensitive data walking out the facility’s front door with an employee (or a former employee.) 

Controlling and Protecting Pharmaceutical and Other Supplies

The strict control of pharmaceuticals is essential in the healthcare setting. Drugs are a high-value target and subject to theft from patients, intruders, and healthcare workers. 

Patient Security

Another key component of care is protecting vulnerable persons, such as infants and the elderly. In many modern systems, patients can be tagged so that an alarm is triggered if they leave the area.

Your Choice in Healthcare Physical Security Matters

The combination of security issues and their severity can make protecting healthcare environments very difficult. It takes an in-depth knowledge of the security challenges, some of which may be unique to your facility; an understanding of standards and requirements established by key regulatory organizations, including the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), The Joint Commission, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration); and finally, expansive knowledge of available security technology capabilities. It is critical that you choose an integration partner that is a true and knowledgeable advocate for your security, your facility’s security, and your patients’ security and peace of mind.


Core Competencies of a Reliable Integrator:

  • Provides in-depth and accurate assessments 
  • Is knowledgeable of the latest systems, technologies, and innovations
  • Places the needs of the facility and the community it serves first
  • Understands critical regulations
  • Not only provides recommendations, but gives you options based on timelines, time constraints, priorities, prices, etc.
  • Shows immediate benefits and savings, such as demonstrating how to obtain quantifiable data to support security initiatives
  • Provides relevant solutions that are readily usable and scalable


The right electronic security solutions partner will have the ability to recommend solutions that will provide enhanced security, and demonstrate how those technologies can solve problems that fall outside pure security to help improve efficiencies and decrease operating costs.


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