Sierra Group ESD | Security Leadership: Why Your Choice of Partners Matters

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic was trial by fire for the security industry. It tested technological capabilities, their application, and flexibility. Organizations in the US and across the globe became much more aware of the diverse and immediate needs security technologies can address.

The crisis also spotlighted the importance of choosing the right security partner. It reminded us that many factors can affect physical security — and your system effectiveness and flexibility, both in crisis and not, can depend greatly on your security partner.

Why does it matter?



Do More With Less

There are many things that can disrupt business operations. That, coupled with pressing requirements and limited budgets means systems must do more for less. The right partner can build for resilience and plan for growth while staying within budget restraints. 

Great Partners Plan for the Unexpected

Your security partner plays a role in your physical security leadership. Organizations rely on their expertise to recommend and implement technologies with the widest possible functionality to address current security challenges as well as unexpected ones, like those brought by COVID-19. The right security partner will be able to help your organizations adapt and enhance the existing security system infrastructure to meet new or growing threats and challenges. 

Wise Partners Understand Security Relationships

The right partner will see the symbiotic relationship between cyber and physical security. Understanding basic cybersecurity risks and how they impact physical security and the absolute necessity of physical security in protecting cybersecurity is imperative in today’s security landscape. 

Recommending What is Right and Appropriate

One of the exciting things about being in the security industry is that technology is always advancing. This, however, can cause issues. While there are lots of new technologies with a wide range of capabilities and that hold tremendous promise, there are those that mislead about just how far those capabilities extend, or whether or not the most advanced options are even the best for a particular application. Mature security leadership will not fall into “Shiny New Thing Syndrome” and tackle a small problem with inexcusably excessive technology. They do not prioritize selling you the latest technology, rather they focus on needs and outcomes. 

Smart Security Partners Think Outside of Security 

Effective security partners understand that security technology serves organizations in many ways outside of security applications, including improving safety, efficiencies, and productivity. 

It is vital that your partner has a strong understanding of your organization, assets, and goals to ensure they’re protecting what matters most. It is also important to utilize your partner’s experience to identify security trends and how to best mitigate your risk and expand opportunity.


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