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The last few years have seen summer temperatures reach the hottest on record. For facility managers, this raises additional concerns as we approach the summer season. Hotter temperatures mean increased wear on building and facility materials and systems, higher energy bills, changing maintenance concerns, and more. 

As we transition to warmer weather, here are some tips to keep your facility in top shape and manage rising costs.



Get Your HVAC System Serviced

One of the first points of consideration is the HVAC system, and for good reason. No matter the type of facility, it is important to keep the inside temperatures within safe limits for the building visitors or occupants. The best course of action is to schedule a professional maintenance appointment to cover these critical tasks. 

  • Change filters
  • Clean ductwork
  • Inspect intake and vents to ensure nothing impedes airflow
  • Check for leaks in ventilation
  •  Clean areas surrounding units
  • Install programmable thermostat

Consider Roofing Materials

A building’s roofing material has a lot to do with the temperature inside the building and the demand it places on all of your systems. Different materials and color of materials will reflect, absorb, and retain heat at different rates. According to the Department of Energy, a roof using black material may reach temperatures of 150 degrees or more in summer, and a significant amount of that heat can be transferred into the indoor space. Re-roofing or implementing reflecting cool paints can be cost-effective solutions.  

Landscape for Optimal Benefit

Landscaping can play a huge role in making your facility summer ready. Trees can provide much needed shade, and grassy areas a relief from the heat and light absorbing materials such as pavement that reflect back onto your building. Increased heat not only makes indoor temperatures uncomfortable, but can degrade your facility’s building materials over time. Because of this, it is important to plan your landscaping in such a way to gain the most protective benefits. 



Increase Cleaning Routine and Protocols 

As we approach the thick of summer, it is critically important to keep sanitation and cleaning around your facility a top priority. An increase in ambient temperature is a catalyst for microbial growth, especially when high temperatures are maintained over a longer period of time. Dangerous microbes can spread quickly, threatening the safety of employees and visitors,  as well as the quality of products in manufacturing facilities. 

  • Utilize professional grade cleaning products and practices
  • Install no-touch features in bathrooms
  • Consider regular professional sanitization

The sun’s heat and light can cause serious damage to the outside of your facility, place huge demands on your systems, and increase health risks. Not planning for this can increase risks and costs. Do you have questions about how to reduce the cost of heat stress on your facility? Call Sierra Group today.


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