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Over the last decade, commercial security has changed. It has gone from primarily providing enhanced safety and security, to what is now a complete business system that can enhance productivity, boost compliance, and provide health support. Security technology, today, is one of the most invaluable tools and serious investments of any organization. Because of this, there should be careful consideration of security system upgrades. When is it time to consider a commercial security system upgrade? The signs may surprise you.



Obvious Signs

Let’s start with the more obvious signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

It is Outdated

Retro and vintage are all the rage right now, but when it comes to your security technology, retro isn’t cool– it’s dangerous. In fact, outdated technology can be worse than having no security technology in place. Why? 

  • It can be more vulnerable to cyber security attacks
  • It can be incompatible with any newer technologies you wish to implement 
  • You may be relying heavily on something that has become ineffective (Criminals may have already found a workaround to older technology)

It is Difficult to Integrate New Elements

Upgrading your system doesn’t always mean that you need a complete system overhaul. It is often possible to use many of the existing elements and add new ones to enhance the system’s full functionality. However, one very obvious sign you need to consider more serious changes is when it becomes near impossible to integrate new security elements into your existing system without significant expense if it is indeed possible at all.

Your System Doesn’t Serve Your Business Adequately

Another obvious sign that a commercial system upgrade is a good idea is that when you find your organization would benefit from features that are not available on your existing system or do not cover the facility the way you’d desire. For example, it might make sense to consider an upgrade if you want extended video monitoring capabilities such as temperature monitoring or facial mask recognition, but your current system cannot support the software.


Surprising Signs You Need an Upgrade Now

It is actually quite easy to miss signs of an outdated or underperforming system, attributing the signs to other causes or overlooking them altogether. Here are some commonly overlooked signs you need a commercial security system upgrade.

Your Current System is Increasing Costs

As a technology owner, you know how quickly things evolve. With cell phones, for example, it isn’t always that your current phone does not work; it is that the newest generation offers additional features that can make your life easier or your job more efficient to the point it makes a new phone the more economical choice. The same is true for your commercial security system. Very often it ends up that trying to keep an older system working, and having to work around incompatible systems costs far more in the long run than an upgrade. Substandard electronic security often leads to higher labor costs.

Your Current System is Not Contributing to Profitability

Today, commercial security systems offer far more than pure security. The right systems can also aid in improved operational efficiency and decreased fraud cases, which both help increase profitability. When a security system lacks the capabilities needed to aid in these functions it is important to consider your options.

Security System Components are not Integrated

Having disparate systems is another clue you need to consider upgrading your system. Even when your video surveillance, access control, intrusion, and fire systems all work adequately, if they do not work together intuitively, you do not have a system that serves your organization optimally.

It’s Not Mobile Friendly

If you cannot access and control your systems from your smartphone, it is probably time for a change. Having the ability to arm and disarm your system or monitor it remotely provides much more than peace of mind. It can also aid in operational efficiencies, and more.

Your Business Has Grown

If your business has grown, it is likely that your security system is no longer adequate to meet the new demands. Any change in square footage, increased foot traffic, a change to the layout, or added entrances and exits all impact your security effectiveness. Other changes, such as having increased or more valuable products or equipment onsite may also indicate a need to assess or upgrade your current security system.

Situational Impact Necessitates Change

In many industries, such as healthcare, the availability of extended security system capabilities can drive new regulations and compliance issues that could necessitate changes and upgrades to your systems. Sometimes, outside circumstances will highlight new demands.  We saw this with the Coronavirus outbreak, which led many facilities to upgrade systems to include temperature and facemask recognition technologies as well as implement more handsfree access control options.

Your Current Provider Does not Understand Your Industry

Understanding security technology is only half the battle when it comes to the best implementation of that technology. The other half is having a deep understanding of your industry, risks, location, and operational processes as an end-user. If your provider does not have this understanding, or isn’t investing the time to learn it, you may end up with serious deficiencies in your electronic security systems.


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