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Water is one of the most powerful and damaging forces on earth, so it comes as no surprise that commercial sprinkler issues can result in big problems and huge costs if not managed properly. Whether your irrigation system has become a minor irritation or is causing major damage, there are the top ways professional commercial sprinkler maintenance can benefit your business.



Proper Adjustment Protects Landscape

The purpose of a sprinkler system is to evenly direct water over your landscape. Any misadjustment can result in some areas being over or under watered, causing the grass or other greenery to die. Professional sprinkler maintenance helps preserve and protect the landscape so that it can flourish. 

Prevent Costly Damage to Structures

Another important advantage of professional sprinkler maintenance is that it can help prevent water damage to nearby structures. Very frequently, sprinklers will be adjusted so that the water hits the building and then makes it way to the ground. This can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the side of the building, such as pulling off stucco, rotting wood, or leaving unsightly calcium deposits, as well as damage to the foundation where the water collects. Proper adjustment of the sprinkler system assures that the water is direct to the landscape, avoiding the structure or the building’s foundation. 

Proper Sprinkler Maintenance Prevents Unforeseen Problems 

Most facilities time watering during off-hours to avoid the problems water can cause, such as disruption to the flow of traffic or as a slipping hazard. Since the sprinkler system typically runs at night, broken or damaged components can go unnoticed until after they have already caused damage. Regular and professional maintenance can help avoid problems by identifying worn or broken components, possible leaks, or other problems by identifying the issue and remedying it before it has a chance to cause damages. 

Sprinkler Maintenance Is a Cost-Saving Solution

Controlling costs is an important factor for any facility, which is a huge factor why so many opt for professional sprinkler maintenance. Proper watering keeps the water on the landscape and doesn’t waste it on overspray. Correctly placed sprinklers avoid buildings where water can cause damage. It also helps avoid over or underwatering the landscape, which can lead to the need for costly replanting. 

Top Signs You Need Sprinkler Maintenance

  • You can leave a deep impression in areas of grass. 
  • Certain areas of the ground seem mushy or always wet. 
  • There are bald spots in the grass
  • Areas of lawn are dry while others are not
  • Plants in some areas seem dry while others seem overgrown.
  • There is water damage to the side of buildings on site
  • Some areas of the property do not seem to ever dry out.

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