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Protecting facilities, assets, and people has never been more important for most businesses. Amid difficult times, businesses are having to make tough decisions regarding their physical security spending. Fortunately, there is an effective way organizations can obtain security and trim their security spend without compromising the physical security of the facility through a subscription-based security model.



The Subscription-based Security Model

Traditionally, an end user identifies a security need and contacts a security integrator who makes recommendations for solving the problem. The end user then purchases the equipment necessary for that specific solution, which is then installed locally and maintained by the integrator, and in some cases, the end user’s IT team. This capital expenditure, or “Capex,” can be combined with cloud hosting to reduce some maintenance costs but will still require a significant upfront investment.

Access control and video surveillance technologies are rapidly evolving, largely due to network connectedness and IP-based capabilities. A hosted or cloud-based access control and video surveillance system effectively moves the server from the business’ premises to a data center (or similar) and hosts the equipment off-site, leveraging the power of the Internet. Your computing for security can now be an operational expense, or “Opex.”

What if we could shift all of the expense to Opex, including cabling, labor, accessories, and other installation costs?


Brivo Complete

Recently, Brivo launched its new cloud-based access control and video program: Brivo Complete. This 100% subscription-based access control and video solution includes installation labor, hardware, and software. The subscription-based security model enables businesses and multifamily communities to secure facilities without the barrier of high upfront costs so they can quickly and affordably deploy security across multiple buildings or geographical locations.

In this model, the user pays a small activation payment and an affordable monthly payment for a service that includes:

  • Hardware for access control and video verification if needed
  • Cloud-based software to enable remote access control and live and recorded video 
  • Card/badge and mobile credentials
  • Automatic software and firmware updates
  • Lifetime warranty on Brivo equipment for the duration of the subscription


Top Advantages of Subscription-based Security


The hosted or cloud-based access control and video surveillance system used in the subscription model effectively moves the server from the business’ premises to a data center (or similar) and hosts the equipment off-site, removing much of the maintenance cost of security.

“Opex” vs “Capex”

In the subscription model, the sometimes large up-front spend is converted to a fixed, budgeted cost, managed over time.

Remote Management

A cloud-based platform allows users and administrators to view, control, and manage the system from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This allows users to get alerts and respond to them in real-time, from anywhere in the world, without having to set up complicated firewalls and VPNs.

Always Up-to-date

In a subscription model, the provider assumes the responsibility for system updates and cybersecurity, ensuring your system is always in optimal health. Updates happen automatically, and new features and capabilities are often provided at no extra cost.

Lifetime Warranty

All equipment provided by Brivo – controllers, card readers, cards, fobs, and even IP cameras – carry a lifetime warranty for as long as the subscription is active. Your primary equipment will never be obsolete or unsupported.

With expanding capabilities, today’s security systems provide security, reduce risks, and even increase business insights. If you are interested in learning more about your options, call Sierra Group today.


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