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Attacks against internet-connected devices are increasing year-over-year in amount, persistence, and complexity. While IP networks offer a powerful and effective platform for hosting surveillance systems, security could be compromised if the network is accessed by the wrong people, making everything from your brand to customer data vulnerable. 

As cyber threats continue to evolve, business entities need to take proper measures to protect their video surveillance systems. Because of this, Sierra Group places a high priority on cybersecurity and only partners with manufacturers who take threats very seriously.



Fortunately, many reputable manufacturers are offering built-in cybersecurity features to enhance security and counter various types of cyber threats.

Some of these features include:

  • Detecting firmware tampering
  • Preventing device replacement
  • Preventing unauthorized access
  • Product authentication
  • Certified key storage
  • Firmware
  • Device encryption
  • No open inbound ports that increase the likelihood of attack


Top Measures Companies Should Take to Prevent Cyber Attacks

No device is 100% immune to hacks. There are, however, some simple steps your team can take to identify and prevent vulnerabilities. 

  • Work with brands that engineer products with cybersecurity in mind
  • Change device default passwords
  • Isolate cameras and other security devices from the greater network
  • Keep the number of operators to a minimum to reduce risks
  • Don’t ignore unusual events
  • Ensure the alignment of your security and IT teams
  • Purchase equipment from reputable security companies

And finally, never assume that your system is not vulnerable, even if you’re following “best practices.” It is always best to work with your security provider to stay current on new threats, mitigation steps, and emerging technologies on both sides of the fight. 


About Sierra Group

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