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Property managers have the monumental task of managing the day-to-day operations of the properties they oversee and are often tasked with security. For any multi-tenant residential or commercial property, controlling who should or should not have access to gain entry to the property or areas within the building is typically a Property Manager’s most significant concern.

While the measures needed to secure a property and the access levels vary significantly by location, hours of operation, type of business, occupancy levels, and risk factors, all properties benefit from access control. 

What is Access Control?

Access Control is the act of selectively granting or restricting access to a building and the spaces within the building.

Common types of access control include:

  • Manual Access – Manual access control involves a human, such as a receptionist, security guard, or doorperson, checking identification and granting access.
  • Mechanical Access – Mechanical access control involves securing the property using locks, and either unlocking areas or providing keys for access.
  • Electronic Access – Electronic access control systems provide access electronically to those with the proper credentials, either by a card, a key fob, a code, an app, or biometrically with fingerprint or facial scan.

Most properties will include a mix of mechanical and electronic access control systems. Though each of the systems above manages access differently, every property access system ensures that only authorized people can access a building or property.



What is an Electronic Access Control System?

An Electronic Physical Access Control System (PACS) is a collection of security technologies and electronic systems that facilitate automated access to authorized individuals to controlled areas of a property or facility by presenting some form of credentials, such as a code or key card or fob, or a secure mobile app.

What Are the Benefits of Electronic Access Control for Property Management?

Electronic Physical Access Control Systems increase efficiency, ease the management process and alleviate the problem of changing locks or rekeying while streamlining access to common areas on the property and increasing overall security. Keys can be lost or stolen, and depending on the size of the property, rekeying can be very costly. Lost or stolen PACS credentials can be swiftly disabled or reprogrammed whenever necessary, saving time and money.

Top Reasons Properties Need Electronic Access Control

  1. Crime Prevention
    The first reason to have access control is, of course, to prevent crimes such as burglary, package theft, or vandalism, by permitting access only to known individuals.
  2. Reduce Fire Risks
    Some access control systems have emergency protocols that will automatically open all doors when triggered by a fire alarm or sprinkler activation. This can allow occupants to get out safely and provide firefighters with access to address the emergency.
  3. Increased Safety
    Access control can eliminate the need for spare keys floating around and getting lost or stolen. This increases the safety of building occupants.
  4. Increased Convenience
    Access control in multi-family dwellings improves convenience by allowing tenants to lock and unlock doors from their phones (if the system is app-based) and provide temporary access to visitors, vendors, and service providers.
  5. Audit Trail
    Electronic access control systems also provide an audit trail so administrators can monitor activity within the building, and get a clear picture of who went where, and when.
  6. Improved Tenant Retention
    A property owner loses significant revenue when tenants leave or spaces sit vacant. A well-designed and feature-rich access control system offers the safety and convenience it takes to gain and retain quality tenants.

Every facility faces threats and challenges that modern access control technologies can solve. If you’d like more information about adding access control technologies or replacing outdated ones, call Sierra Group today.


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