Commercial Gutter Cleaning | Timely Cleaning Prevents Property Damage

Typically, people think of residential properties when they think of rain gutter cleaning. However, commercial properties are not exempt from damages caused by a failure to maintain the building’s gutter system. If you own a commercial building, there are some important reasons to keep gutter cleaning at the top of your list of maintenance priorities.



More Than Leaves Collect in Gutter Systems

Far too many businesses will ignore and neglect their gutter systems, particularly if the building is in an area with few trees. This can lead to many problems as leaves are not the only debris source that can clog rain gutters. One look into the gutter system can reveal a surprising amount of dirt, trash, and other debris that can make its way to the roof and ultimately into the system. During the dry season, animals such as birds and rodents can also find their way into the system and use it as a shelter, dragging in twigs, grass, and other materials. Insects such as wasps can also take up residence, causing potential damage. This debris can cause a disturbance in the flow of rainwater causing it to back up or spillover, damaging unprotected areas. Debris can also clog downspouts which can additionally cause overflow, leaks, and damage. 

Common Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

For the commercial property the problem of clogged gutters is only magnified. When gutters become clogged water is left standing and can cause bacteria’s growth or can freeze, damaging the gutter system. 

Gutter systems are intended to direct water away from your building and its foundation and help it make its way to other water systems. When gutters are dirty, clogged, or damaged the misdirected water can cause damage to the fascia, roof, windows, walls, and foundation. Misdirected water can also cause problems in your landscaping for plant materials that cannot withstand the resulting level of saturation.  

Remember, excess water will always find a way to flow towards the ground, and the route it takes can be extremely costly. Blockages in any part of your system are often the root cause of mold growth, damp basements, cracked foundations, and damaged stucco, brickwork, and rotting wood. This can also lead to secondary but equally concerning problems as an increasingly damp environment can lead to a build-up of pests, moss, and algae who thrive in such conditions.

How Often Should You Get Commercial Gutter Cleaning

The frequency of professional gutter cleaning service depends on many factors, such as whether the building is located in an area with many high-yield, leafy trees or around many pine trees. Other factors influencing frequency include wind and wildlife activity. Typically, scheduling a professional gutter cleaning once a year is sufficient for most commercial properties. 

Gutter Cleaning Saves Money

The great news is that the cost of regular commercial gutter maintenance is negligible and well worth factoring into your regular building maintenance budget. Additionally, keeping your gutters clean and free of debris prevents a host of resulting damages which are very costly to repair.


Trust Sierra Group

Whether you have questions about commercial gutter cleaning or are considering the long-term advantage of facility maintenance, give Sierra Group a call. As a multi-disciplined service focused company specializing in facility maintenance, we have a unique 360° perspective that gives us the ability to help you meet your specific facility needs with laser precision.

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