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Video surveillance is an important component to any commercial security system. Used in conjunction with live video monitoring, it can be used to detect and record criminal activity and monitor operations. These are great ways of using a video surveillance system. However, today’s new video capabilities, under pressure from growing vulnerabilities, have set video surveillance monitoring on a swift evolutionary track, providing new risk management strategies by way of new developments in proactive video monitoring.

What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Proactive Video Monitoring?

Video surveillance can be divided into two categories; proactive and reactive. Reactive video systems rely mostly on surveillance footage of the crime after it has taken place, and cannot prevent a crime from occurring on your property unless a significant investment in personnel is made to watch the monitors 24/7. Netwatch Systems’ Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM) relies on AI and analytics to detect predictive behaviors, provide real-time notifications, and enable live intervention specialists to deter crime effectively.



Traditional Video Monitoring

  • Triggered by events in progress, such as building intrusion or motion on premises
  • Has to be viewed live by someone for any kind of notification
  • Records events but cannot prevent them
  • Video footage is helpful to law enforcement after the event 
  • Many systems rely on inefficient analog technology

Netwatch Systems Proactive Video Monitoring 

  • Powered by intelligent analytic technology that uses predictive behavior analysis to detect activity such as lurking on the property, entering perimeter after hours, loitering, and more
  • Differentiates between human activity and nuisance alarms
  • Predictive behaviors trigger alerts to live interventionists who initiate proactive live call-down warnings to intruders to prevent a possible crime
  • Live intervention provides real-time audio assist to law enforcement on the ground
  • Can virtually eliminate the need for after-hours guard staff
  • Uses high-quality IP cameras

What Types of Businesses are Implementing PVM?

While nearly any commercial business can benefit from event-based live video monitoring, certain verticals that have seen swift adoption and implementation include: 

  • Auto dealerships
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Cannabis
  • Retail
  • Construction

For most commercial properties, there is a need to cover large areas to prevent crimes such as theft, trespassing, and vandalism, and traditional video solutions are often not up to the task, especially without dedicated personnel to monitor them. In those instances, PVM may be the perfect answer to address your security needs.

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