Wildfires and Your HVAC System | Should You Have Your System Cleaned?

Fire season has begun with a vengeance, with recent wildfires all over the country, including California and Texas. Even if your business has not suffered direct damage, your HVAC system is likely to be impacted by the dust and ash that can travel through the air for miles before settling into your system.



Smoke Damaged HVAC Systems Contribute to Poor Air Quality

One of the most important reasons to have your system cleaned after a wildfire is to improve indoor air quality. According to the EPA, one of the ways smoke from wildfires enters the home ith through mechanical ventilation such as the HVAC system. Wildfire smoke can impact your indoor air quality (IAQ) differently depending on your proximity to the fire, the density of the smoke, and the type of particulate matter (PM), a microscopic dust that causes damage to a person’s respiratory health. It is important to note that burning materials and the resulting ash can contain toxic carcinogens like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons linked to health issues including lung cancer. 

What are the Effects of Wildfires on Your HVAC?

HVAC systems are capable of filtering out dust and debris from the air, but high concentrations of large particles and ash can seriously impair the functionality of your system and cause poor indoor air quality. Here are a few of the common problems caused by smoke and ash.

Clogged Air Filter

During a wildfire, your filter can become filled with debris. This leads to serious inefficiencies as it hinders or prevents the blower motors from pulling enough air to properly heat or cool your facility.

Dirty Ducts

Dirt from the filter can get pulled into the air ducts. While this alone contributes to poor air quality, the problem is compounded when the dust settles and combines with moisture to produce mold. 

Clogged Compressor

Ash can also collect on your compressor and get stuck in the unit’s cooling fins. This can hinder or prevent air from passing through to cool the refrigerant. It can also interfere with heat collection which could lead to heating inefficiencies later in the season. 

Trust Sierra Group

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