What are Top Advantages of Thermal Cameras with Analytics?

Perimeter security is a top consideration for many organizations in the protection of their property, people, and processes. The fundamental objective in perimeter defense is immediately knowing when and where an intrusion attempt is occurring at the earliest possible moment, so the attempt can be thwarted or the intruder detected and apprehended, prior to entry to your facility. Today, thermal cameras with analytics are playing an increasingly important role in layered security and helping organizations achieve their security goals.

Video surveillance is one of the most popular fence line security solutions. For years, visible-light cameras were most commonly used in both commercial and residential surveillance, favored for the advanced technologies and widespread availability, but have significant vulnerabilities. It is nearly impossible for a guard to detect activity on a screen filled with many cameras.  With the advent and reliability of analytic alerts, coupled with thermal cameras, there are some new advantages to adding thermal cameras to your security plan.

Reduced Environmental Disruption

Thermal cameras as a solution can reduce much of the noise caused by environmental conditions, especially the outdoors, making it easier for video content analysis algorithms to detect and track targets of interest while reducing nuisance alarms.

Heat Sensing

Thermal cameras detect generated heat and can detect objects in complete darkness or bright sun. The amount of light, such as glare, has no impact on the quality of images obtained by the camera.

Immune to Camouflaging

Any person intent on committing a criminal act will, of course, try to stay out of sight, out of mind. Very often they will make optimal use of the landscape in order to breach security undetected. Thermal cameras offer protection in these common scenarios because they see what the eyes can’t–invisible heat radiation emitted or reflected by all objects.

Advanced Analytics

Many organizations use thermal cameras as a layer of security to boost night time security. Using analytics, such as cross line or intrusion zone, thermal cameras can easily detect a person moving up to a fence and trigger an alarm or preset camera view.

Increased Readiness and Situational Awareness

Take all questions and doubt out of the scene interpretation to assess, decide, and execute with swift accuracy. This is another primary advantage in using thermal cameras. They deliver immediate feedback with precision, reducing actual intrusions, false alarms, and costs.

Every business has unique, 24/7 perimeter security needs. If you have any questions about how to meet your fence line security challenges, call Sierra Group today!

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