Security System Optimization

Are You Fully Utilizing Your Security System’s Analytics Features? 

When an organization invests in a security system, the facility managers and security professionals work together to design one that meets the specific needs of the organization and its facilities. This means that the system is likely to have specific strategic analytic features capable of helping meet those security goals, and more. However, only a fraction of businesses ever exploit all of those capabilities. Security System Optimization ensures that you are not missing out on huge security and business advantages.

Physical Security System Under-Utilization: Analytics

Across the diverse industries we serve at Sierra Group we see a few common trends in not using security systems to their fullest potential. One of those areas is in the under-utilization of analytics. Until very recently, physical security systems were dedicated to one basic function. The purpose of intrusion alarms, for example, was to sound an alarm when detecting unauthorized activity. Video surveillance was mainly used to deter crime and provide information after a security incident. Today the migration of security systems onto networks has radically transformed security system capabilities, allowing them to capture an incredible amount of metadata in real time. This data could provide innumerable benefits to your organization including better security, business acceleration, improved operations and efficiencies, and reduced costs.

Realizing Value in Analytics

Individually, security system components such as video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, and monitoring provide a wealth of data. Still, a significant portion of that value can remain completely unrealized if not captured, correlated, and mined for data specific to the areas of interest. That, for most organizations, is where the problem lies. Realizing maximum value, in some regard, requires working backward as well as forward and identifying what business problems need to be solved, and then using the available data to identify contributing factors, which in turn lead to actionable solutions.

Identifying and Processing Needs

Understanding your objectives will help you leverage data to determine and execute practical initiatives. For example, knowing your objective is to decrease operating costs you can use video analytics to determine the optimal number and proper deployment of staffing. 

Tips For Security System Optimization and Using Analytics to Bolster Security Performance

  • Enlist the help of a security consultant to aid in identifying your broad security objectives. 
  • Talk to security professionals to identify your security system and analytic capabilities. Get in-depth operational information. 
  • Learn how to use analytic information. For example, exceptions such as a history of one employee consistently opening early or closing late might signify theft is occurring. 
  • Determine practical applications and develop initiatives surrounding them. For example, a goal may be to bolster compliance. A deep dive into your analytic data can uncover problematic areas. 
  • Layer analytic data to deliver full benefits.

Our Key Strengths

As a united, multi-disciplined service focused company specializing in physical security, we have a unique 360° perspective that gives us the ability to help you meet your specific security needs with laser precision. We are driven by a commitment to service, dependability, and cost-effective solutions with strict adherence to industry best practices. If you are looking for a security integration and management company, or your current system is not meeting your standards, Sierra Group offers the latest innovations in electronic security from Video Surveillance, Access Control, Alarm Systems, and Intercom. Our goal is helping you reach yours. 

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