Prevent Minor Repairs from Turning into Potential Money Pits and Liabilities

Short-term thinking can snowball into something big and that can expose businesses to significant financial losses, or worse, liabilities that can have catastrophic impact on their brand reputation.

For many large scale businesses and financial institutions that occupy sprawling office spaces, the cost of facility maintenance can devour a sizable portion from an operating budget.

From coast to coast key decision makers and facility executives will be faced with the same challenging question: how can I do more with less? 

Seemingly minor cosmetic, electrical, lighting and plumbing repairs or system upgrades can fall by the wayside due to budgetary constraints. Unfortunately, this is the reality. Although delaying general maintenance tasks that does not require immediate attention may seem like a quick cost-saving measure, such short-sightedness can potentially snowball into costly, large-scale operations. 

The longer maintenance issues are prolonged, the scope and cost of deterioration will grow exponentially over time as they are subject to continued daily use and abuse by both employees and customers. A total overhaul or replacement such as a window, door, lock, electrical outlets, lighting, and plumbing fixtures is costlier than repairing as part of a scheduled maintenance routine. 

Not only that, replacement work can negatively impact employee productivity or customer service as they take significantly longer to complete than repairs. The worst case scenario is for minor issues turning into major system failures or safety hazards which exposes businesses to liabilities from litigious employees and customers. The chain reaction to these instances can become catastrophic to not only a business’ bottom line, but it’s brand equity as well. 

Simply put, it’s bad PR, especially for frontline B2C companies such as financial institutions and retail stores where brand image and customer experience are as valuable as the products and services they offer.

So what can businesses do to make the case for implementing preventive maintenance plans? Supporting your argument by amplifying the following can strengthen your case: 

Numbers don’t lie 
Underscore the short-sighted nature of quick cost-saving measures. Calculate the potential losses incurred by replacement operations resulting from postponed maintenance and highlight the wide price disparity. 

Exposure to liability
Emphasize the dangers of being exposed to liabilities. Paint a detailed scenario of how myopic cost saving by neglecting preventive maintenance can significantly increase safety hazards, while at the same time decreasing productivity.

IRL case studies
Find and present examples from the past that show how detrimental the long-term costs can be when preventive maintenance is delayed. 

What we can do for you
For as little as $150 per month (up to 3000 Sq ft), we offer a one-stop maintenance and assessment service for all financial and commercial institutions. Our comprehensive capabilities in facility management solutions range from ground up construction to minor repairs with a “one call” service center that is ready to dispatch a certified technician to your facility for projects of all scopes.

Our Commercial building maintenance program covers virtually any general handyman tasks which includes:

  • Monthly property building service visits by a Sierra Group technician
  • Assigned dedicated Project Manager for facility maintenance requests
  • Complete interior & exterior lighting services
  • Hardware service & repairs
  • Minor electrical & plumbing
  • T-Bar ceiling and tile repairs
  • Cable control
  • Touch-up painting & graffiti removal
  • Banner hanging & periodical replacement 
  • Unique and special tasks exclusive to client

Reach out to us and learn more about the Sierra Group difference.

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