Perimeter Security: Why Radar Detection is a Smart Investment

Worldwide safety concerns are changing and becoming more complex and facilities executives are finding themselves needing to address real-world physical risks and vulnerabilities at unprecedented levels. However, for nearly every facility, addressing these serious concerns both comprehensively and affordably remains challenging. This is why so many are turning to radar detection to complete their security suite and boost perimeter and night time security.   

How Radar Detection Works

Radar can work alongside an existing CCTV system and uses intelligent algorithms to detect trespassers who have breached the first line of defense. Radar stands for “Radio Detection and Ranging” – and uses radio frequency waves to detect targets. Radar is essentially an object detection sensor using radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction and speed of objects. Ground-based radar solutions offer 24/7, 360-degree coverage of a protected site, allowing for cost-effective perimeter protection in all weather and lighting conditions.


What are the Top Advantages of Radar Detection? 

In protecting facilities effectively, radar detection integration into current security systems is essential. Take a closer look at the key advantages of radar detection when coupled with PTZ cameras.

Unaffected by Adverse Conditions

One of the most significant advantages of radar detection is its ability to work under punishing conditions, such as dust, fog, rain and over long range to detect and track movement and whether that movement is significant to security. 

No Thermal Variations

Radar detection proves very beneficial in perimeter and night time security because it is not affected by temperature variations. Specific wavelengths that are less susceptible to these factors are used which reduces significant vulnerabilities to security suites and ecosystems that rely on radar detection.

Provides Additional Information

While detecting movement is indeed helpful, radar detection provides an added layer of security by providing additional information, such as the speed and direction of that movement.

Reduced False Alarms

Radar detects movement, and nothing but movement. Because of this, it is not sensitive to things that often trigger false alarms. Fewer false alarms mean reduced surveillance costs. 

Radar detection is a proven technology that helps facilities deter, detect, and mitigate threats. If you have questions about securing your facility, contact Sierra Group today! 1-888-880-4949

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