Parking Lot Maintenance | More Critical Than You Think

No matter the type of business, your parking lot and its condition plays a highly supportive, if not highly under-valued role in your success. Ensuring your parking lot is clean and has proper signage and striping helps solidify your brand, keeps workers and visitors safe, and helps lengthen your parking lot’s life.



Improved Parking Lot Safety

Signs and striping are the most recognizable features of any parking lot and the most important to driver and pedestrian safety. 

Striping helps designate parking spaces, the direction of traffic, and crosswalks. It may be easy to take these features for granted, but signs and striping help keep order while driving through the lot, instruct pedestrians to safe crossing areas, and facilitate entering and exiting the property. Without these features, or having faded or damaged signs can contribute to accidents and injuries that could have been avoided. 

Making sure your lot is clean and free of debris also helps maintain safety. When a parking lot is littered with debris, cars and pedestrians may swerve to avoid it, causing accidents and disturbing traffic flow.

Regular Maintenance Improves Longevity

A neglected parking lot is often filled with debris such as dirt, broken glass, and other articles of rubbish. As the vehicles drive through the area, these articles wear against the surface causing it to erode. In turn, this erosion leads to further damage by natural elements such as wind and rain.

A Clean and Safe Parking Lot Adds to Curb Appeal

Parking lots are a necessary part of any business but we often forget that they have a huge impact on how customers perceive the business, even before they walk through the doors. It can even be a determining factor in whether or they choose your business or to go elsewhere. 

A poorly maintained parking lot can make the business look unprofessional, unattractive, and desolate. The opinions and perceptions formed from the parking lot can carry over to the opinion of the business itself and impact business success and profitability.

Maximize Space and Functionality

Keeping lots clean and the signage and striping vibrant also helps in attaining the highest levels of functionality from your space. Without proper striping, drivers create their own thoroughfares and parking spaces. This leads to the space being used inefficiently making it impossible for wouldbe customers to park.

Clean Lots Mean Cleaner Facilities

Keeping a parking lot well-maintained is also important in ensuring those using it do not step in oil or other materials spilled or dropped. This is safer for the pedestrians and customers, and also helps prevent the oil from being tracked into your facility, prolonging the life and of carpeting and flooring.

Trust Sierra Group

Whether re-opening your facility after a prolonged closure or considering the long-term advantage of facility maintenance give Sierra Group a call. As a multi-disciplined service focused company specializing in facility maintenance, we have a unique 360° perspective that gives us the ability to help you meet your specific facility needs with laser precision.


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