Top Benefits of Hydro-Jetting for Commercial Plumbing

When was the last time you thought about your main drain lines? It’s not often you think about it until they get clogged. Not only is commercial plumbing subjected to greater frequency of use and pressures than residential systems, they are also far more complex. Unlike serving the needs of a single family, commercial plumbing on the other hand has to provide service to hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people. That’s a lot of activity. As with many things, heavy use can add up and take its toll because depending on the type of business, commercial plumbing systems will have to handle more volume at a higher pace, causing extreme wear and tear. But more important to note than the sheer numbers is the type of waste that can flow through the arteries of main drain lines. 

From restaurants dumping oil and food waste down the sinks to industrial facilities evacuating corrosive chemicals into floor drains, plumbing in commercial properties require greater care and are susceptible to more serious problems. This is where hydro-jetting comes in to provide commercial facility managers and business owners peace of mind and an ideal solution. Hydro-jetting is beneficial in two ways: It clears out blockages effectively without damaging the plumbing and it also works as a preventive measure to keep the drain lines clean and clear.


What is hydro-jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a professional method of cleaning main sewer lines designed primarily for commercial property applications. The process is simple: water hoses equipped with specialized nozzles blasts highly pressurized, spinning jets of water sourced from a storage tank into drain lines to break apart solidified or impacted debris to clear the pipes. 

Typically, water pressure measuring between 1,500-7,000 psi will be administered depending on the severity of the clog and condition of the pipes. Specialty jetting nozzles will redirect the highly pressurized water spray to cut through and obliterate debris and scale buildup. The fragmented waste will then be cleared with the rearward facing spray, scraping residual materials away from the sides of the pipe and creating a slipstream of water that pushes through any remaining debris down the line. For severe blockages, psi levels in the range of 10,000-60,000 will be used. It’s important to note that a typical fire department’s fire hose blasts water at an estimated 300 psi. Such high pressure water spray from consumer grade hydro jets can generate enough force to lacerate human skin. As such, hydro-jetting can be extremely dangerous and must be left to professionals.


Key benefits

Comprehensive, preventive, and cost-effective

Telling signs that the plumbing on your commercial property is due for a hydro-jetting application are: recurring clogging, debris buildup, slow draining water, and foul odors emanating from drains. With hydro-jetting, fixing these problems is swift and cost-effective. They don’t require long hours of labor and are affordable with minimal overhead costs. Not only does it clear away hair, food and industrial waste buildup, long-term gunk, grease and oil buildup as well as collected sediment that can restrict water flow, it can even break up tree roots and more severe blockages. From a health and safety perspective, hydro-jetting is powerful enough to wash away bacteria that settles in the main lines. 


Drain configuration compatibility

Optimized and adaptable to drain and sewer systems of any size and material, hydro-jetting is the most affordable way to fully clear clogs and buildup. It can be applied to almost any clogged materials, in pipe configurations of any size or scope, including:

  • PVC or Cure in-place resin pipes
  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Clay
  • Cement sewer pipes
  • Outdated Orangeburg pipe


What we can do for you

If you are unsure of the current health of your main sewer lines and the steps you need to take to ensure your plumbing system is in good order, we can help. Our preventive maintenance services are determined based on a thorough assessment by way of a walk-through and detailed inspections. Reach out to us to get started and learn more about the Sierra Group difference.



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