Top 7 Commercial Security Systems Trends for 2018

Safeguarding your commercial property and personnel using a security system is essential. However, you need to determine the complexity of the technology used and in this article, we break down the top 7 commercial security systems that you need to keep an eye on. Like most fields that utilize technological innovations, security systems have become advanced with developers improving the systems’ effectiveness and reliance.

For instance, the access control can be integrated with video surveillance for better operation.

At Sierra Group, we recognize the important role that electronic security systems plays in your home and commercial premises. For this reason, we strive to provide our customers with the most up-to-date commercial security systems to keep up with the evolving technology. Some of the trends that we will be featuring in 2018 include:

1. Smart Phone Access

Smartphones have been modeled with features that support complex software applications for convenience. Today you can rely on them to control security on your commercial property.

You can access the security logistics to arm or disarm the alarm system from anywhere and at any time. However, you need to have an internet connection to effectively install and use your alarm monitoring system on your smartphone.

With a single swipe on your screen and following a few security protocols like inputting your PIN, you can enable or disable the security in your business place. You can also see what is going on in the surveillance cameras by simply logging into the system for access.

2. Energy Management

The number one objective of any business is to minimize the costs and to maximize the profits. The technological advancements in security in the commercial sector have been modified to help in the management of energy consumed during various security operations.

When our professionally certified personnel install an alarm system in your business place, you will be able to control various variables like temperature and lighting.

With the inflated fuel prices, this is a great opportunity for businesses to save on their operating costs.

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3. Wireless security systems

The traditional commercial security systems installed for security purposes required a series of wires to be interconnected throughout the space for operation. Sierra Group is here to eliminate this hassle because we can adequately install wireless alarm and surveillance systems.

The cameras in your office can be positioned on any corner and be connected to the control monitor without any wires. The sensors of the alarm system can also be positioned on the doors and windows and be connected to the alarm monitoring system without the use of wires.

This is advantageous particularly to businesses that have rented their commercial space because they can move without being required to uninstall and unplug a series of wires.

4. Automation of the control monitoring system

Modern technologies have enabled the automation of almost every activity that can be computerized. After installing our systems, you can access your security systems from anywhere and at any time of your convenience as long as you are connected to the internet.

What could be more exciting than the use of such a sophisticated and effective system?

Using the automation features, you can set your system such that it triggers an alert signal on your computer or smartphone in case certain activities occur.

This system helps you remain aware of what takes place in your business even if you are traveling. You will also be able to act swiftly in case of a security breach.

5. Touchscreen keypads

Our security control systems are designed to utilize a touchscreen keypad for control. The keypads that we provide have the most advanced features to help improve the effectiveness of your security protocols.

You do not have to access the security control room physically since all the installed applications can be operated and setup through the touchscreen keypads. The touchscreen features apps that control the following:

  1. Closed-circuit TV
  2. Fire detection systems
  3. Perimeter security
  4. Intruder alarm

These systems are integrated for better access control and security assessment.

6. Network Access Control

Network security is becoming a major issue in the commercial sector. With the emergence of unauthorized entry geniuses such as hackers and other computer wizards, there is a need to install a security system to limit access to important business information.

As a reliable commercial security company, we have the most educated and experienced team of experts that will install network access control features that guarantee security in your premises. Some of the features that the system will protect are your passwords and PINs.

This will save you the trouble of dealing with malicious threats like viruses, loss of data, or access by unauthenticated individuals. With our services, you will no longer be worried about network insecurity.

7. Integrated systems

If all security-oriented systems servicing the same commercial place are controlled separately, their cost of operation will be higher. There will also be a high likelihood of making poor decisions and inappropriate responses.

To eliminate such issues, technology has allowed commercial security companies to integrate all the above essential systems for easier, flexible, cost effective, and reliable response management.

With our services, you do not have to worry about the soundness of your security systems because we have integrated their control.

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With our systems, you can input configurations that control the surveillance system, office blinds, and lighting. The configuration can also include specialized settings for the weekends, nights, and holidays.

You can operate these systems on the same or different networks depending on how big your business is.

The integration process simplifies the security management in the commercial sector and enhances cost efficiency.

If you are looking for a security company to install basic or advanced security systems in your commercial property, Sierra Group is your company of choice.

We will install and advise you on how to monitor the systems for better management. Call us today on 1-888-880-4949 to enjoy our professional services.

We value all our esteemed customers and work towards satisfying all their security needs. We are your number one commercial security systems provider. Our prices are also customer-friendly because your satisfaction is our happiness.

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