Top 10 Security Trends You Can Install in Your Office Too

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There are many office security systems that are available on the market today so that you can protect your office space and everything in it.

In comparison to a home, an office is an even more crucial space to keep secure. There are a variety of sensitive files and documents that will be available to a thief if they gain access to your office.

Fortunately, there are a variety of security applications that are available to buyers, at an inexpensive cost. With these new applications, you can ensure that your office will be safe from thieves and anyone who may do harm to your business.

Many businesses are imposing new security measures to adjust to changes in the world and a few of these new trends include eliminating previously relied upon security measures.

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1. Blended Security Systems

Many pieces of security equipment, such as bank security equipment, now have the option to be customized so that the equipment can match the building and furniture designs.

As a result of increased security measures and an increase in the size of the security market, many companies have begun to pay attention to the appearances of their products rather than the functionality only.

Custom finishes and sizes are available for security products like turnstiles, scanners, and camera housings.

2. Multi-Layered Security Measures

With an increase in the creativity and savviness of criminals, there are many ways for a business to experience a security breach.
Identity theft is one type of security breaches that has recently experienced a rise.

Commercial security has needed to adapt to these changes, and now many businesses are using multiple methods of security.
Multi-layered security methods, such as adding a holographic overlay to a scan-card, provide an extra layer of difficulty for criminals who would like to disrupt a business’s operations.

Many businesses are also adding security to more floors in the office, rather than just on the ground floor, where one security desk and a few cameras only used to be. By increasing the amount of security on each floor, you can prevent giving open access to anyone who has access to the elevators.

When combined with biometrics, or other security measures, modern multi-layered security measures can provide increased security with a minimal compromise inconvenience.

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3. Biometric Readers

Biometrics utilizes the unique physical characteristics of each user in order to grant or deny access. Devices such as retinal scanners or fingerprint readers are an example of biometric devices.

Biometric devices are nearly non-pervasive and are both quick and affordable to businesses. Due to the unique physical traits that biometric devices utilize to grant access to individuals, it is very hard for someone to replicate these traits and gain access to your facilities or equipment.

4. Cloud Computing

Electronic security is one of the most crucial security markets today. With businesses relying more on technology to complete their daily activities, electronic security is vital for nearly every business.

Not only does cloud computing allow businesses to streamline processes, but it also allows businesses an extra place to store materials. It is very important that businesses have multiple backups, in case of an emergency, and cloud computing allows that.

5. Radio-Frequency Identification Security

Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, is technology that utilizes electromagnetic fields to identify objects. When read by an RFID reader, RFID tags generate unique identifiers.

RFID is available for a variety of sensitive products, such as wallets that house credit and debit cards, due to their small tag size and anti-skimming abilities. Many businesses, and individuals are beginning to invest in RFID products to protect sensitive data from being read by skimming devices.

6. Automated Tasks

Many modern security devices can be automated to operate at certain times or in certain areas. An increase in automation has in-turn created an increase in user-convenience for employees, which then boosts efficiency.

Devices, such as RFID readers or anti-skimming devices, can be automated so that employees do not even realize that they are being utilized.

7. Computer-Aided Facility Management

Computer-Aided Facility Management, or CAFM, software allows offices to maximize their space efficiency. CAFM software can accomplish a multitude of things from space allocation, to improvements in planning and maintenance.

There are a variety of CAFM software available on the market, for businesses to improve their overall efficiency.

8. Mobile Workforce

Remote working creates a less-congested office, and may even eliminate the need for a physical office. A mobile workforce allows employees to have more flexibility with their work, and more choices as to how they complete each task.

By utilizing the wide variety of mobile software that is available, you can keep your office space more lean and efficient; in-turn decreasing the need for certain security measures that may be costing you over time.

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9. Reduction of Security Guards

Businesses are relying less on physical security guards, who are subject to human error, and relying more on technology. During non-peak hours, businesses have been reducing their amount of on-site security guards, which decreases these businesses’ costs due to the fact that security equipment is less expensive to use than physical officers.

However, businesses are still utilizing security guards with security technology during their peak hours, which serves as a powerful combination.

10. Emergency Plans

With an increase in the availability of backup methods, such as cloud computing or off-site hard drives, many businesses are creating emergency plans.

These plans should be in place for if a business’s office space is to experience a breach in security.
You can use any of the office security measures in your business without being invasive to your employees.
These measures will all ensure that your office space remains safe, and if anything should go wrong, that you at least have a backup of the information that is important to your business.

Do your research to understand what your office needs and can benefit from, there are a variety of applications to meet your office’s demands. Give us a call now and we can help you build a robust security system for your office.

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