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Applying a fresh coat of paint to your facility is a highly effective way to improve your property’s appearance. But paint is much more than an aesthetic facet of facility maintenance. It is also coating technology intended to protect a range of interior and exterior surfaces from wear and tear. In fact, it plays a critical role in preserving structural integrity and can help prevent damage from humans, moisture, rot, and more. This is why it is so important to choose the right paint for the surface and environment and ensure it is always in optimal condition.



Choosing the Right Paint

Paint finishes operate on a scale of flat to glossy, and as you move up the scale, the amount of shine in your paint increases, as does the durability.

  • Flat and matte- offers the least amount of durability but holds up well in low-traffic areas.
  • Eggshell- A bit more durable than a flat paint, but not as durable as glossy. It’s perfect for mild-traffic commercial areas, such as a conference room.
  • Satin- this type of finish has a gloss to it but not as much as a high-gloss paint. It is more durable than flat, matte, and eggshell. 
  • Semi-glass and high-gloss paints offer a durable surface and work well in spaces like a cafeteria or break room.

When choosing exterior paint, consider these things:

  • Gloss and color retention
  • Crack resistance
  • Type of surface
  • Environment

The Importance of Preparation

Whether it’s a new paint job or recoating of existing paint, the project’s success depends on your surface preparation. Proper surface preparation is the most important step maintenance technicians can perform to promote the longevity of paint applications and ensure its effectiveness as a protective barrier. 

Get Regular Inspections

While paint makes any space more appealing, it also does the equally important job of keeping the substrate from degrading, either from human interaction or from the elements. Because of this important role, painted surfaces require regular inspections, upkeep, and, eventually, repainting to ensure that the coating technology fulfills its intended purpose. 

Indicators of a Failing Coating

  • Peeling
  • Cracking
  • Blistering
  • Fading 
  • Visible substrate

Trust Sierra Group With Your Commercial Painting Needs

We at Sierra Group realize that your painting system is a critical part of protecting your facility. With that in mind, we have developed a process that ensures the clarity of your goals from start to finish and a facility that equips you for lasting success.


About Sierra Group

Sierra Group is a service-focused company specializing in Commercial Construction, Electronic Security, and Facility Services. Our highly skilled field technicians offer a wide range of services and are ready to help with projects of all scopes, or with our ongoing preventative maintenance programs. 

When failure is not an option, the most demanding organizations trust Sierra Group to get the job done right.


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