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Unfortunately, landscape drainage is not a set it and forget it feature. Water is a powerful force, and drainage problems can wreak havoc on your commercial property landscape quickly. Your drainage system needs proactive services to maintain its value and function like other aspects of your facility. Proper maintenance helps prevent clogs and standing water that can cause damage to the structures and pose a safety hazard. 

Never overlook drainage systems. Once water issues occur, damage begins, which is costly and time-consuming to repair. 


Here are 7 common signs of commercial property drainage problems and solutions. 

Standing Water

Standing water is, of course, an obvious sign of having a drainage issue. Many things can cause this, including improper grading, lack of or improperly placed drains, compacted soil, and more. 

The Formation of Moss

Moss grows best in wet soils and on wet surfaces. If you notice moss forming on structures or walkways, or hardscapes, it could signify a drainage problem. 

Bare Spots in the Lawn

Poor drainage can also manifest as dead zones in your grass. Grass and other plants have trouble thriving in overly saturated soil.

Swampy Zones

Areas that seem soft, squishy, or swampy are also high indicators of a lack of drainage. Soft grass is vulnerable to damage but can also be a safety hazard and cause slips and falls. 

Foul Odors

If you notice foul odors on the grounds, look for standing water. Bacteria loves pools of water or constantly saturated areas and its formation produces unpleasant odors. 

Cracks and Staining on Structures

Water is one of the most destructive forces to structures. If it is not draining away from the structure, you will notice wood rot, stains, stucco erosion, and even cracks in the foundation. 

Clogged Drains

If water is pooling, slow to drain, or bubbling around a drain, it is likely clogged and needs maintenance. 

Why Professional Maintenance Matters

A great drainage system isn’t an obvious feature of your landscape, and it shouldn’t be. It is, however, an integral part of keeping your landscape beautiful and the grounds functional and safe. Functional drainage systems also protect the longevity of your facility. 

An experienced team of professionals can help prevent drainage problems, identify them early, and resolve them before they cause damage to your structures.



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