Electronic Security Trends in 2017

Electric Security Trends

In the contemporary world, the role of electronic security has taken on greater importance because of the dangers posed by various threats.

Many commercial security systems have attempted to keep pace with the dramatic changes involved, yet this fluid situation requires constant vigilance that can be difficult to maintain.

Keeping abreast of the current concepts in this area is vital, so listed below are some of the 2017 trends that electronic security companies are implementing to keep their customers protected:

Increased Video Surveillance

While indoor protection through video has been a hallmark of this segment of the california commercial security industry for years, the rise in expanding this level of security to the outside is also rising.

The reason is that it’s become a cost-effective way to increase the scope of that protection, primarily because of valuable analytics that are derived from such use and the ability of storage systems to handle such an increased capacity.

The Rise of Biometric Solutions

The days of simply placing a security guard in front of a secured area and signing in are long gone, with the use of biometric technologies gaining a stronger foothold in this area.

High-tech electronic security solutions like retina or fingerprint scanners help offer a much more effective way to help a company protect itself by ensuring the true identity of personnel entering protected areas.

Going Wireless

The need to keep secured areas protected has often been plagued with inadvertent mistakes by company employees that leave such sectors vulnerable to potential criminal activity.

However, a growth in the area of wireless technology is helping ensure that such aspects are covered at a much-lower cost because the infrastructure that was once necessary to provide such security has evolved.

Smart Alarms

Alarm systems are doing so much more that simply alerting a company to a potential problem. Now, the capability to integrate a number of different aspects is possible through smart technology, with the ability to receive immediate notification of an unwarranted intrusion an example of a growing trend.

A Heightened Battle with Ransomware

This particular scourge has become a dangerous weapon that malicious hackers use to extort money from companies.

This has resulted in the increased demand for electronic security solutions to combat the problem, with companies currently having little choice other than to knuckle under to such demands.

Cloud-Based Options

Commercial security systems are tasked with the duty to protect all sorts of sensitive data for their clients, especially when it involves proprietary concerns.

By offering a setup that involves a remote setting where this vital information can be safely placed, the comfort level of that client rises.

The help offers electronic security companies the opportunity to expand their customer base through positive word-of-mouth.

Robotics and Drones

The need for uninterrupted coverage for security purposes, especially over an expansive area, has usually meant hiring employees to handle such jobs.

Now, the advanced nature of robotics allows for such duties to be handled in much the same fashion and at a lower cost. In addition, drones that hover above a selected area provides remote security aspects for areas that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

Providing the Right Kind of Protection

Sierra Group offers effective commercial security systems to its clients, helping to ensure that the business interests of those entities are protected.

These electronic security solutions encompass an ever-evolving list of possible dangers, allowing Sierra Group to stand above other electronic security companies by offering important solutions for those firms now and in the future.

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