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Security in Cloud Based Access Control

Considering the future of the Cloud services and its benefits, has partnered with Brivo OnAir since 2012 to bring cloud based access control to many satisfied customers. The benefits are hard to argue with.

Nowadays, who goes anywhere without their smartphone? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage your Brivo Access Control System from anywhere, anytime that you have an internet connection? Need to instantly unlock a door, because Steve misplaced his key fob? Do you need to revoke access because HR just terminated Jane at 5PM on a Friday? How about adding temporary privileges for your security contractor, Sierra Group, for a weekend project?

Your system can be managed easily from your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop via IOS or Android app or any web browser. Now, even better, Sierra Group can activate Brivo Mobile Pass and your card or key fob become optional. Use that device you carry around all the time to open a door or manage your system. No need for us to dispatch a technician or programmer, just let us know. With our Brivo suite of offerings, YOU choose how, when and where.

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Everything is perfect. It is a great experience working with Sierra Group we are extremely happy.

Atelier 21 Intl

They answer all my questions and needs. Things are good!

Daylight Transport

We are happy with your performance. Sierra Group has been great!

Provident Bank

Benefits of Cloud Based Access Control Systems

  • Lower costs
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Increased flexibility, reliability and resiliency
  • Faster system deployment
  • Enhanced policy compliance
  • Future-proof functionality
  • Minimal IT support required
  • Remotely secure your site anytime, anywhere with user access control


  • Hosted access control, video and ID badging system
  • Unlimited site, device and door access control system capacity
  • Unlimited credentials and administrators
  • Rules-based email and text notifications
  • Automatic software updates
  • Customizable reporting engine
  • IT-compliant hardware and communications
  • ISO27001 audit, Cloud Security Alliance STAR certified
  • Industry-standard security device compatibility

Brivo OnAir® Protects Your Enterprise

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