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Your video surveillance, security alarm, and access control systems are assets to your business, providing safety, security, and protection of other business assets. Any failures could mean increased vulnerabilities and decreased efficiencies. Because of this, it is important to keep your systems in optimal working order through regular maintenance.

What are Preventive Maintenance Plans?

There are two general approaches to video surveillance, alarm systems, and access control maintenance— reactive maintenance and Preventive maintenance. 

Reactive maintenance, also known as breakdown maintenance, refers to repairs made when your equipment is already experiencing problems or failures to restore it to its normal operating condition.

Preventive maintenance is scheduled maintenance that can be performed economically to prevent system breakdown and failures before they occur, shifting the greater portion of maintenance work and cost to a planned basis.



What are the Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance program? 

Cost Minimization 

When using a Preventive maintenance strategy, it is more cost-effective to regularly perform smaller planned tasks, such as system updates and systematic, proactive inspections, to avoid the cost of bigger problems. Keeping your systems healthy can help prevent costly damage and unplanned shutdowns that can impact security and efficiencies. 

Life Extension of Your Systems

When equipment is properly cared for throughout its life, it is going to remain useful and can stay in operation for a much longer time as compared to equipment that is only maintained once issues arise. This means that Preventive Maintenance programs can help your security systems deliver greater ROI. 

Decreased Downtime

Like all technology, security systems involve many sophisticated elements that, over time, are in need of updates and care to stay in proper working order. Without regular maintenance, your security systems are vulnerable to shutdowns and failures at inopportune times. This is an important consideration as unplanned downtime in video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems not only means increased vulnerabilities, it can also mean the slowing or stopping of operations at your facility. Regularly planned maintenance minimizes unexpected downtimes so that operations can continue as normal. 

Sierra Group Preventive Maintenance Plans

Sierra Group proudly offers customizable Preventive maintenance plans for new Sierra Group installations, as well as existing systems. Keep your systems operating at peak health and protect your security investment.

Preventive Basic 

Our Preventive Basic Plan sets the standard. All plans include level 1 support* which includes:

  • No cost site inspection
  • Inventory report and documentation of all devices/systems
  • Identify possible costs for initial repairs or upgrades**
  • Bi-annual or quarterly preventive maintenance visits at a reduced hourly rate
  • Cleaning, focusing, adjustments
  • Firmware, software, and routine Windows updates
  • Antivirus installation and configuration**
  • Optimization or adjustments to automated systems (VMS, Access dashboard, codes/users)
  • Remote health checks***
  • Bi-annual or quarterly report subsequent to each visit

Preventive Enhanced

Our Preventive Enhanced Plan includes all of the Basic Plan and adds:

  • Installation of network monitoring software that provides system alerts
  • Scheduled retraining sessions for administrators and users on staff
  • A pool of hours at a reduced rate to use for any service or installation outside the PMP
  • All licenses, recurring monitoring, or hosting fees rolled in to simplify billing and administration

Sierra Group Comprehensive PMP

The Sierra Group Comprehensive Plan includes all of the Basic and Enhanced Plans and provides a concierge level of service by adding:

  • Proactive monitoring and response to system malfunctions via monitoring software
  • Dedicated Project Manager and Lead Tech assigned to your system
  • Scheduled meetings to discuss maintenance and issue resolution
  • Unlimited site consultations to discuss upgrades or new projects
  • 8 hr response time for all issues, and site visit within 24 hours
  • Reduced rate for ALL non-PMP service calls with no trip charges
  • Regular service rates for emergency, weekend, and holiday service
  • Free battery changes for wireless devices, power supplies, and alarm systems
  • Reduced pricing on new equipment for the contracted system

**Some up-front purchase of software, service, or system repair may be necessary 

***Requires remote access to your network via secure VPN, TeamViewer, or other

Sierra Group is a Full-Service Security Integrator

As a united, multi-disciplined service focused company specializing in physical security, we have a unique 360° perspective that gives us the ability to help you meet your specific security needs with laser precision. 

If you are looking for a security integration and management company or are interested in learning more about our Preventive maintenance plans, please contact us. Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Learn more about the Sierra Group difference here, or reach out to us at:

Chris Jeske
ESD Manager
818-266-7462 (cell)
1-(888)-880-4949 ext. 230

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